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New Publication: nfb "Effectiveness of lifelong guidance. Contributions to guidance research and evidence base"

Nationales Forum Beratung in Bildung, Beruf und Beschäftigung, Karen Schober, Judith Langner (Eds.), Wirksamkeit der Beratung in Bildung, Beruf und Beschäftigung. Beiträge zur Wirkungsforschung und Evidenzbasierung“,

(Effectiveness of lifelong guidance. Contributions to guidance research and evidence base). Bielefeld 2017. W. Bertelsmann Verlag; ISBN 978-3-7639-5784-2 (Print); ISBN 978-3-7639-5785-9 (E-Book).


In an international comparison, research on evaluation and the effectiveness of consultancy is still in its infancy in Germany. However, knowledge in these subjects is highly valuable for the improvement of consultancy in education, professional life and employment. Education, labour market and consultancy researchers have contributed to this anthology with research approaches and results and discuss how this data can be used to strengthen the evidence base for long-term consultancy.



Quality Development and Evidence Base for Career Guidance – the Influence of International Research and Policy Development on Career Guidance Policy and Research in Germany (Judith Langner and Karen Schober)

Moving beyond ‘what works’: Using the Evidence base in lifelong Guidance to inform Policy Making (Tristram Hooley)

Impact Dimensions for Guidance and Counselling in Education, Career and Employment and Requirements for the Exploration thereof (Christiane Schiersmann and Peter Weber)

“You Get What You Measure”? Professional Policy Considerations for a Guidance Monitoring and Reporting System (Karen Schober and Bernd Käpplinger)

Non-Expected Decrease in Guidance and Counselling Related to Continuing Education? The Adult Education Survey (AES) as a Source for Analysing Guidance and Counselling (Bernd Käpplinger and Frauke Bilger)

Multi-Level Approach of Measuring Outcomes and Effects for Public Career Guidance in Berlin (Birte Komosin and Henning Kruse)

Effectiveness of Guidance on Further Education – Quasi-Experimental Evidence achieved in the "Dresdner Bildungsbahnen" Project (Norbert Schanne and Antje Weyh)

The Impact of Student Counselling – Learning Motivation, Career Planning, Resilience and Drop-Out prevention (Istvan Kiss)

Subjective Quality Management in Vocational Counselling – Effective Counselling from the Counsellors’ Perspective (Bernd-Joachim Ertelt, Heiner Bleckmann and Thomas Röser)

Guidance as a Personal Employment Service – Concepts of Evidence-Based Evaluation and Empirical Approaches (Peter Bartelheimer)

Impact of Intense Counselling and Individualised Job Placement in the “Berliner Joboffensive” (Katrin Hunger and Marco Puxi)

Effects of One-To-One Career Counselling Sessions on the Individual Career Choice Readiness of Young Adults in the Transition from School to Work (Matthias Rübner and Stefan Höft)

(Partial) Integration auf Qualitative and Quantitative Impact Assessment: the Evaluation of the German Career Entry Guidance Programme (Berufseinstiegsbegleitung) (Bernhard Boockmann)

Extratherapeutic Factors in psycho-social and socio-pedagogic Counselling (Kathy Küchenmeister and Annett Kupfer)


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