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Quality and Professionalism of Career Guidance and Counselling - the Open Process of Coordination for Quality Development in Germany

2012 -

The field of career guidance and counselling in Germany is quite heterogeneous and there are no common standards or guidelines in operation for quality and professionalism until recently. This is why the  National Guidance Forum in Education, Career and Employment (nfb) in collaboration with the Institute of Educational Science at the Heidelberg University (IBW) started and coordinated an “Open Process of Coordination for Quality Development”  involving actors and stakeholders from policy, science, the economy, associations, social partners and practice on federal, state and municipal level. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in 2 phases:

1. The “Open Process of Coordination for Quality Development” (2009-2012) commenced the collaborative development and a shared understanding of guidance quality among the involved actors and stakeholders. On the basis of a common understanding of career guidance
•    a catalogue of quality criteria and
•    a quality development framework (QDF) were developed and piloted with 19 providers.
In addition a competence profile for guidance practitioners related to the quality criteria was developed as a basis for recognition of competences and for training programmes.

2. The second phase “Implementation and Scientific Grounding” (2012-2014) aims at
•    disseminating the results and initiating a broad dialogue about quality in guidance,
•    advancing and testing the quality criteria, the competence profile and the QDF,
•    developing instruments for practitioner’s competence documentation and validation,
•    deriving quality standards and guidelines from the beforehand agreed quality criteria, again by involving actors and stakeholders from different guidance areas,
•    investigating possible ways of credentialing and certification in the guidance field,
•    developing implementation strategies for continuous quality and professional development in career guidance in Germany.

This brochure summarizes the results of the Open Process of Coordination (phase 1) in a short English version for the international professional community. 
Full German information and publications can be downloaded from (see also the sources listed on page 15 of this brochure).

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For more information on the process of quality development please see the English summary of the project homepage.

Further Reading: Dr. Bernhard Jenschke: "Quality and professionalism of guidance - a German approach to coordinated development ofstandards" -
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