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Englische Übersetzung/ Translation: Impact Analysis of the Educational Guidance Project "Dresdner Bildungsbahnen"

Schanne, Norbert und Antje Weyh: (2015): Impact analysis of the educational guidance project “Dresdner Bildungsbahnen“ - A quantitative study. IAB Project Report. 1553. 2014.

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Englische Übersetzung / Tanslations of:

This study of the municipal educational guidance service of Dresden has been seeking to systematically map the cost-benefits (including capturing the economic outcomes in monetary terms) of its interventions. The research has included detailed observations of the service, with data-matching. The project is particularly valuable because it is based on cross-sectoral cooperation and so provides opportunities to capture lifelong impacts rather than merely sectoral ones. Managerial data from the municipal guidance servide has been matched with data on the individuals users`later occupational pathways taken from the official labour market statistics. The study found that guidance had a clear positive effect on unemployed individuals`participation rate in continuing vocational education. It also suggested some (not statistically significant) economic impacts, and recommended that the study be repeated in future to aid more accurate quantification of these impacts.