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Socially Responsible Restructuring: Effective strategies for supporting redundant workers

2010 -
Cedefop. "Socially responsible restructuring. Effective strategies for supporting redundant workers." Working Paper 7. Luxemburg, 2010.

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This review of socially responsible restructuring and effective strategies for supporting redundant workers provides practical evidence of the contributions of career guidance to socially responsible restructuring, based on desk research and in-depth analysis of case studies.

The review covers eleven countries, seven of these providing enterprise case studies (Germany, Latvia, Austria, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden and the UK). It examines socially responsible restructuring practices by enterprises and, in particular, strategies to support vulnerable workers who may have particular difficulties in re-engaging with the labour market; these include career guidance and training. It also looks at the regional and national responses that support enterprise restructuring and worker employability.

It highlights innovative and effective practices, in different economic sectors, which could be transferable across diverse economic contexts and encourage further debate on socially responsible restructuring.