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UNESCO Chair on Lifelong Guidance and Counselling Conference 2015: How can career and life designing interventions contribute to a fair and sustainable development and to the implementation of decent work over the world?

04.-06.06.2015 -

Florenz, Italien

Early in the 20th century, when social workers and theoreticians formed the profession of vocational guidance, they debated the ultimate purpose of guidance or its “finality.” Of course they all agreed that the proximate goal was to help people find matching occupations or professions. But: what of the ultimate goal? Some professionals thought the ultimate goal was to contribute to the efficiency of an industrial economy. Nevertheless, most commentators concluded that the ultimate goal of vocational guidance was to contribute to the Progressive Movement in building societies that were both wealthier and more socially fair, not just efficient.
Vocational guidance has evolved during the 20th century in connection with the transformation of the work organizations and of the scientific approaches to human subjects. It now supports individuals who – as they work in flexible organizations and live in increasingly liquid societies – must think about designing their work paths and lives rather than just matching people to work functions or positions. But has its ultimate goal remained true to its Progressive goal? It is now critical that the profession revisits and further articulates the ultimate goal of career counselling. Do career interventions still pursue the finality of improving the common good of humanity? If so, how can career and life designing interventions contribute to the development of decent work in a sustainable and fair world economy? If the ultimate goal of life and career designing remains true to its roots, we must reaffirm its importance and advocate for its social value.

The Conference is organized in collaboration with the University of Wroclaw (Poland) and Jean Guichard (Head of the UNESCO Chair).

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