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PES to PES/ EU Commission, Job Profiles and Training for Employment Counsellors

The European Commission Mutual Learning Programme for Public Employment Services:  DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (2012). Job profiles and training for employment counsellors.  Analytical paper
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Aus der Executive Summary:

The  objective of the paper  is to  give  an overview of the specifics of job profiles, competences requirements and training programmes for employment counsellors in public employment services (PES) in Europe.  The  skills and competences of employment counsellors  were identified as being  critical  to achieving successful placement outcomes, but  thus far  little was known about existing profiles, training and career pathways from a  structured, analytical and comparative perspective.

The study revealed that:

  • Job profiles  including tasks/responsibilities for employment counsellors exist in all of the analysed countries.
  • The degree of flexibility and autonomy of PES in the preparation of job profiles of employment counsellors varies, with visible trends towards decentralisation.
  • Diversification  of the job profiles is to a large extent dependent on the operational PES structure, priority tasks and activation strategy used in the
  • A number of  key commonalities and differences  have been identified in job and competence profiles, as well as the training of employment counsellors.
  • There are different entry requirements  for employment counsellors: level of education, education disciplines and additional qualifications vary from country to

The analysis showed that  it is possible to create a basic common profile for the key job tasks and required competences of employment counsellors, although there is currently no common job classification. The role of the employment counsellor should therefore be regarded as  an emerging  occupation  combining elements of job broking, administrative, counselling, social work and human resources management tasks.