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Bordeaux Communiqué on enhanced European cooperation in vocational education and training

2008 -
Das Bordeaux Communiqué fasst die Europäischen Forschritte im Rahmen des 2002 begonnenen Kopenhagener Prozesses zusammen und enthält wichtige Passagen zur lebensbegleitenden Beratung:

  • "Guidance structures are being reinforced, with emphasis on quality, on guidance services taking into account at-risk groups, and on coordination mechanisms that provide lifelong guidance " (Seite 3)
  • "".... VET should offer individualised career paths in order to integrate those who have left steir studies or training prematurely, and those outside the mainstream of society. Pupils and adults in difficulty should have easy access to guidance and counselling services, tailored to their needs." (Seite 5)
  • "Promoting the attractiveness of VET to all target groups ....
  • 3. Facilitating access to information, liefelong guidance and counselling services through successful implementation of the Council Resolution on better integrating guidance in lifelong learning strategies adopted 21 November 2008. Action should be taken to promote guidance systems which help young people and adults to cope better with transitions, within education and training and all along their career paths; ...." (Seite 9)
  • "Improving the links between VET and the Labour market .....
  • 3. Improving guidance and counselling services to ease the transition from training to employment, and thus contribute to the objectives set out in the Council Resolution of 28 May 2004 on strengthening policies, systems and practices in the field of guidance throughout life in Europe (Doc. 9286/04); participating actively in the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN); " (Seite 11) 

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