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International Engineering Conference “Attracting more students and educating well-trained engineers: sensible ways to advance the field of engineering education”

29.-30.10.2012 -

Eventpassage, Berlin

The introduction of modular bachelor’s and master’s degree courses as part of European academic reform is, in the area of engineering studies, almost complete. In the process, engineering studies departments and faculties have been successful in carrying the high quality of the traditional degree courses over into the new programmes of study.
Nevertheless, further academic development remains a challenge: Aligning teaching with the particular prior knowledge of the students, improving their academic success, and adjusting degree programmes to encompass the appropriate professional competencies. This transformation in engineering education will be discussed at the conference, along with various other issues, from both German and international perspectives i.a. in the workshops listed below:How are introductory phases of academic programmes successfully designed?

  • How can subject-specific fundamentals be integrated and built upon (mathematics)?
  • How can the risk that a student will drop out be identified in advance and prevented?
  • How can students be actively involved in their courses?
  • How can students be given more freedom in their studies and be motivated to learn independently?

Other topics that will be picked up in presentations and a panel discussion include:

  • Changes in engineering education in Germany and Europe
  • Using new technology as teaching tools
  • The effects of “student engagement”
  • Essential elements of engineering education.

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